Thank you so much for supporting me and my small business. I am taking a spring break from now until April 3rd and any orders placed within that time and until a week after will have a processing time of 30 days.
Thank you so much for understanding.
Hi! I’m Maggie

Hi! I’m Maggie


I created this company in 2020 in my kitchen by making myself deodorant with no Aluminum, Soap with no icky ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, and lip balm with only three ingredients that I could be proud of, Now I make over 60 products using 100% All Natural Ingredients, most of which I use myself (Except for the Men’s stuff of course) and I’ve already sold more than 2000 products. (WooHoo!!) I add a dash of love into every single product I make and that’s the secret Ingredient that makes them so great!!

My products are handmade by me allowing my creativity to flow making each one special

and unique

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